In order to give you time to make strike plans, we are sharing some letters to principals from our parents.

Time to stand up for our kids and make sure they are free to stand up for their rights, and knowing we will not just stand with them, but we will put our energy and privelege as older people, to work.

__Sweet and Simple_______________________________________________________________

Dear ________,

On September 20th, millions of people around the world will be walking out of their classrooms and off their jobs to demand climate justice and an end to the age of fossil fuels. This Global Climate Strike is shaping up to be the largest climate mobilization in history.

To support this movement I am allowing my child, ________ , to take part in the strike on Friday, 9/20/2019. I believe the action of striking develops the courage to stand up for what is important, empowers students, and supports learning about the world around us.  

I know other parents are interested as well and you should expect many absences. Schools have a unique opportunity in the face of this strike; not to tell students what to do, but to engage them in the great emergency of our times. 


__Stronger / More Detail_______________________________________________________________

Dear ________,
I’m emailing on behalf of my kids. They both recently transitioned up to HS and MS at school and last night I found out both are nervous to bring up the upcoming Sept 20 climate strikes at school with their friends and teachers even though they are both excited to attend.
This particular global climate strike is a call to the adults to step up and support the youth. For us adults to join the Climate Strike. So as an adult, I’m asking ___________ school to support the youth and any adults who want to join the global climate strike.
Many companies and schools are shutting down for the day Sept 20 to strike with the kids. Over 900 Seattle Amazon employees plan to walk out in support of climate action at 11:30am, Sept 20, and many Microsoft employees are planning to do the same in Bellevue. Companies including Patagonia, Lush, Seventh Generation, and some schools are planning to close completely so employees and students can attend the strikes in their cities. Bellevue college is supporting faculty and students to walkout for the climate strike as well. Many UW faculty and students will walk out as well. The list goes on.
I am not asking school to close, that’s a tough decision, but I do hope that the school will take this opportunity to support the youth and faculty who do want to join the Sept 20 Global Climate Strike. Teachers who do choose to teach, could bring up climate justice in class on Sept 20 and/or at least hold exams and major projects on another day.
The Seattle Climate Strike will start at Cal Anderson Park at 9am with a Climate Justice Fair from 9-noon. The fair will have family and youth-friendly booths and activities related to climate justice: music, art, and hands-on activities, including an “Ask a Climate Scientist” booth/table with many University of Washington climate scientists.
At 12-1 people will march to Seattle City Hall for a rally and speeches beginning at ~1pm
Here are links to more info on the Seattle Climate Strike and Climate Justice Fair:
Stranger article with info on the Seattle Strike:
Climate Strike events across WA state Sept 20-27.

In Solidarity,