Climate Action Families and Plant for the Planet just completed our second annual Vashon Island Stewardship Forest tree planting day on November 10th.  Having some rain recently helped get our new little tree saplings and mid-story shrubs into the ground safely on this day.

What an excellent turnout:  61 participants (30 youth and 31 adults).  And, 15 of the new enrollees that attended the October 20th Puget Ridge Cohousing Academy all planted trees to complete their final requirement and are now fully-fledged Climate Justice Ambassadors.

Welcome to these 15 new fully-fledged Climate Justice Ambassadors:  Beija, Declan, Emma, Harper, Beckett, Hazel, Annika, Maya, PJ, Ria, Sofia, Valentina, Vivienne, Desmond, and Willa.

To minimize our carbon footprint we car-pooled to the site and we were prepared and ate a yummy vegan lunch.   Zero Waste consciousness went into food shopping so everything that could be, was purchased in bulk, and was organic and Fair Trade food.  Thanks to our excellent food team:  Liz, Sue, and Anita.

This year we planted approximately 100 new trees & mid-story shrubs (including trans-planting fir seedlings to give them more room to grow).  Nurturing of existing trees was accomplished as well including dozens of plants getting the area around them cleared back, getting mulched, and placing plant protectors around them.

Thanks also to those that made this a successful event this year:  Youth Leads Femi and Theo, Adult Lead Rusty, Stewardship Forest owner/operator Catherine, Catherine’s daughter Aurora, volunteer foresters, our Adult Zone Leaders Ale, Alec, Hilary, Ben, and Suzanne.

For those that missed this wonderful event plan to join us next year for this annual fall event, to help maintain this new Vashon Island Stewardship Forest!

Suzanne, Declan, Andrew, Hazel, and Heather having fun.



Declan’s Enthusiasm is showing!









Vivienne and her sapling.

Great time had by all!