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Friday, March 25th, 2022 

Support Fridays for Future Seattle in a 

 Global Climate Strike!

 CAF families and friends will be here, supporting the youth from the Fridays for Future movement!


 Global Climate Strike at Seattle’s
Cal Anderson Park, 1-3pm, Friday March 25th

Racism, War, Loss of Bio-Diversity, Poverty, Hunger, Desecration of Indigenous Lands, and Environmental Destruction are all made WORSE by Fossil Fuels and the Climate Emergency.

But this Friday, we’re Striking to make it Better!

Join us!

RSVP to demand Climate Justice Now.
Let’s End Fossil-Fueled-War!

RSVP: https://actionnetwork.org/…/march-25th-global-climate…

Check out the Youth Climate Strike main page!



December 6, 2019 


Youth from Plant for the Planet Washington have been striking weekly since 2018, and still our global emissions are climbing.

Youth from across the globe are calling on everyone, adults included, to strike again on Friday, December 6.

We have a moral imperative to drop everything and stand up, as families, as citizens, as responsible humans.

We can’t let time continue to slip if we care at all to preserve a viable planet, and the ability to hope for a vibrant one.

Please check https://www.facebook.com/events/2537587532976592/ for updates from WA Climate Strike 

Check out the Youth Climate Strike main page!

1 Trillion Trees Campaign!

Including our Plant-for-the-Planet Washington and Climate Kids 

Plant-for-the-Planet’s mission is to plant 1 trillion trees. This is a global effort requiring everyone.

In order for Seattle to make up for our carbon impact, we need to plant 150 trees for each citizen. That’s a lot of trees!

We have been planting in and around the Seattle area for the last 6 years. 


  • Equity. We believe everyone should be involved at every level. No one gets to just donate money. No one gets to just dig. We ALL help with ALL pieces.
  • Stewardship. The youth learn what they need to know to care for the land, and the trees that support our ecosystems and resources.
  • Being Outdoors. Being with the trees, soil, sun, rain, and sky is essential to growth, mental health, and deeply connecting with the planet.
  • Increasing urban tree cover. Our cities are hot and polluted. Increasing the canopy helps clean the air, provide shade and helps with energy efficiency, promotes health, promotes urban wild life, and beautifies our city!
  • Learning the pieces to being part of a global movement. Since this is a global movement, there are opportunities to interact with youth from around the world!

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 Climate Justice Academy


A project of Climate Action Families 

[No academies currently scheduled – check back for summer/fall of 2022]

A core mission of Plant-for-the-Planet is educating other youth about climate change so they can educate others and act. Youth are encouraged to talk to their schools, institutions of faith, sports and other orgs, as well as their legislative representatives.

Come learn to serve your community as a Climate Justice Ambassador!  At this free day-long workshop 50 students (~age 8-12) will learn to make a difference for the world as part of Plant-for-the-Planet, an international group of 34,000+ young people worldwide who are planting trees and leading communities to solve the climate crisis now. The day culminates in an educational and moving slideshow presentation for families and the public as the world’s newest Climate Justice Ambassadors share what they have learned from each other and make their commitments to plant and speak for the trees.

The following is included at no cost to the students:

  • Instruction and supervision throughout the Academy
  • Snacks and Lunch
  • Plant-for-the-Planet T-shirt
  • Plant-for-the-Planet Book, “Tree By Tree”
  • Ambassador Name Badge and Certificate

What happens at the Academy?

Up to 50 students in 4th-8th grade will learn to make a difference as an Ambassador of Plant-for-the-Planet. They will learn from other Ambassadors and adult volunteers about the following:

  • a student-designed 3-Point Plan to end the global climate crisis
  • tree-planting basics
  • climate science and climate justice
  • presentation skills
  • how to engage other students, our communities and our leaders in making a difference

The day culminates in an educational and moving slideshow presentation for families, the public, and community leaders as the world’s newest Ambassadors for Climate Justice share what they have learned from each other and make their commitments to plant and speak for the trees!  They will add their newly planted trees to the International Tree Count.

In addition to parents, members of the press, community leaders and local elected officials will be invited to attend the student presentation.

What to bring to the Academy?

Bring a water bottle and wear layers for the weather. Although we’ll be learning indoors much of the day, the group goes outside to plant trees and for break times, rain or shine.

After the Academy

At the Academy, the new Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassadors will create individual and group plans to connect with other groups they are part of, then create plans for action. Their plans will be supported with monthly Plant-for-the-Planet meetings and events. They will be invited to help with local tree-planting events as they build momentum to stop the climate crisis. The possibilities are as limitless as their imaginations.

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Fossil Free King County with 350 Seattle 

 Plant-for-the-Planet Washington and Zero Hour

In December of 2018, 350 Seattle put out call for help in getting an ordinance passed to ban all NEW fossil fuel infrastructure in King County. Plant-for-the-Planet and Zero Hour jumped on the opportunity, began meeting with King County Council members, calling them, and building their case.

At 2.2 million people, King County, WA is larger than 14 other American states, so we have the opportunity to set a pretty grand precedent, and we didn’t want to let that pass us by.

On January 28th, our youth rallied for a press conference with the Washington State Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Sightline Institute, and 350Seattle.

Plant-for-the-Planet and Zero Hour then lead the public comment period with decisive statements. 

A 6 month moratorium was passed with a 6-3 vote!

But in order to ensure this becomes permanent, we have a lot of followup to do. Come join us!




350 Seattle produced media and campaign materials, while Plant-for-the-Planet Washington reached out to their legislators, talked to friends, helped with the press conference, and opened the long afternoon of public comments with some decisive words.

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Bus Shelter Art

 A project of Plant-for-the-Planet and 350Seattle

We created a masterpiece for a set of University of Washington area bus shelters! Check it out at 15th Ave SW and Campus Parkway SW in the University district in Seattle!

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