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Climate Kids

Ages : 0 ~ 7yrs

Climate Kids provides support during our meetings so families with young children can meet and be part of a family-based climate movement. We wanted a way to welcome young families, and our Plant-for-the-Planet program members often have younger siblings that want to be engaged, so we provide a welcoming space with educational and fun activities for them. They learn about our local native species and resources, play cooperative games, and make art from sustainable materials while parents convene. Children are welcome to be with their parents during the meeting, or participate in activities with our coordinator.

We are working towards being able to provide reliable support for families participating in campaign events throughout the month. 



Plant-for-the-Planet Washington

Ages : ~ 8-12*yrs

Plant-for-the-Planet Washington is a youth led program that is part of an international alliance of children who are planting trees to help with carbon sequestration and slow climate damage.

Plant-for-the-Planet Global History

Once upon a time, way back in 2007, a 4th-grade boy in Germany named Felix Finkbeiner put together a presentation on the climate crisis for his classmates.  He was inspired by Wangari Maathai, the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner who helped plant over 30 million trees in Kenya. Felix concluded his presentation by saying, “I believe we children can plant 1 million trees in every country of the world.”

Today, Felix continues to work with children and families around the world to plant 1 trillion trees by 2020 — that’s the number of trees required to absorb enough CO2 to restore Earth’s climate to livable levels during their lifetimes. Plant-for-the-Planet is currently up to 17 billion trees planted as part of their campaign.

Felix came up with the idea of training children to be ambassadors, then work with their communities around the globe to help save the planet in all kinds of ways.  Over 30,000 children worldwide are Ambassadors for Climate Justice, with more attending academies all the time.
Plant-for-the-Planet is an organization lead by children for children. Every child can get involved – and over 100,000 children worldwide are already doing just that. An international student board directs Plant-for-the-Planet Global with help from grownups. One member is from Seattle!  They partner with the United Nations and local groups to inspire us all to make a positive difference for our future.

What was once a global garden of 7 trillion trees before industrialization has been reduced to just 3 trillion trees. Plant-for-the-Planet’s host organization in Germany took over the UN’s tree planting program in 2007 and has planted 17 billion trees since then. But that’s not all they do, since tree-planting is not year-round in most places.

Plant-for-the-Planet Global’s Three Point Plan :

  1.  Zero emissions by 2050
  2. 1.5 tons CO2 emissions per person per year until 2050  (currently Africa is 1 ton per person per year, and USA is 16 tons per person per year)
  3.  Plants one trillion trees. 

To meet it’s mission, Plant-for-the-Planet Washington’s Seattle branch :

  • Hosts or participates in tree planting events around our region
  • Sends funds Plant-for-the-Planet Global to support tree planting on a larger scale
  • Engages in climate lawsuits against all levels of government to demand accountability and protection of a safe and stable environment for their future 
  • Works on local bans on fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Is in constant contact with legislators with concerns about our environment
  • Gives presentations on climate change to their schools and organizations that request a talk
  • Runs the Plant-for-the-Planet Academy program to train other youth to give climate change presentations

Group activities may include:

  • Running the meeting, giving the activity report, introducing new projects
  • Teaching a special climate topic
  • Taking on roles in planning and participating in marches, rallies, and public events
  • Planting trees 
  • Finding new places and groups to plant with
  • Planning and executing campaigns
  • Writing songs, making art, letter-writing, making videos
  • Preparing for public speaking
  • Visioning a better future with other engaged youth

Our Mantra (call and response):

Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause! (Be like a tree in pursuit of your cause!) [hands out to sides]

Stand Firm! (Stand Firm!) [Left / Right Step]

Grip Hard! (Grip Hard!) [Grip the ground]

Thrust Upward! (Thrust Upward!) [Hands up]

Bend with the Winds of Change! (Bend with the Winds of Change!) [Sway hands in the air]

And learn Tranquility. (And learn Tranquility.) [Hands together in prayer pose – and can do tree pose for fun]

“Now We Children Save the World” – with Alex Finkbeiner, founder of Planet-for-the-Planet Global

Alex helped set the stage for a generation of climate activists.


Plant-For-The-Planet and the Academy is always free for all children.

Climate Action Youth

~Ages 10-18

Climate Action Youth is our newest youth-led group. They focus on direct action, empowering other youth, and taking on more complex organizing roles. They are currently developing their platform and are leading the way as a part of the coalition of youth and adult orgs planning for the September 2019 Global Climate strikes. Expect to hear more from them soon!

Zero Hour

~Ages 13-18

The global Zero Hour movement was started by a member of Plant-for-the-Planet along with other youth. We are carrying on the Zero Hour mission by The mission of the Zero Hour movement is to center the voices of diverse youth in the conversation around climate and environmental justice. Zero Hour is a youth-led movement creating entry points, training, and resources for new young activists and organizers (and adults who support our vision) wanting to take concrete action around climate change. Together, we are a movement of unstoppable youth organizing to protect our rights and access to the natural resources and a clean, safe, and healthy environment that will ensure a livable future where we not just survive, but flourish.

“How a group of teens built the climate movement Zero Hour”

Zero Hour is a global movement started by Jamie Margolin, a member of Plant-for-the-Planet Washington.

Check out our recommended resources.

Parents & Elders

~Ages 18+

This groups is for older members, parents, grandparents, and relatives. They provide support for the other groups, strategize approaches, and steer the organization. Parents of youth in our other programs are encouraged but not required to participate.

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