Who We Are


Climate Action Families* is a 501(c)(3), originally founded in Seattle in 2013 to host an American chapter of Plant for the Planet. 

Plant-for-the-Planet Washington

Plant-For-The-Planet is an international youth-led organization that focuses on planting trees to combat climate change.

Plant-for-the-Planet’s 3-Point Plan to save our future:

  • Plant 1,000 billion trees by 2020
  • Leave fossil fuels in the ground (CO2-free by 2050)
  • Combat poverty with climate justice

The Plant-for-the-Planet Washington team has trained over 500 young Climate Justice Ambassadors at their Climate Justice Academies. The Ambassadors are then deputized to take the message to their schools and communities. 

These youth have also gained national attention for  their tree-planting, participation in legal cases, public speaking, legislative participation, songwriting, training other youth to talk about climate change, and much more. 

In late 2018, after the devastating report from the IPCC stating that we have 12 years to transform our energy, transportation, and agricultural systems, these programs were added :

Climate Kids 
For children under 7. This program provides developmentally appropriate exposure to topics of our local environment.

Climate Action Youth

For youth age 12-18 who are interested in more independant and sophisticated levels of work – community organizing, public demonstrations, and more.

Zero Hour Seattle 

For youth age 13-18 who want to focus on the socialogical roots of the climate crisis.

Parents and Elders
For parents and older relatives who are supporting the youth led programs, and doing their own climate activism work. 

Climate Action Families is moving quickly and changing rapidly. It is currently mostly volunteer run but that may change soon!

We hope you join us. 🙂

*previously known as Climate Change for Families until 2018


Climate Action Families has an “everybody in” philosophy. We welcome families and friends of all origin, ability, orientation, advantage, lifestyle, and availability. By building community among families, we create better safety webs, and help to understand the different struggles we are all facing in our complex society. We are demonstrating a drive for inclusivity to our families, helping to shape the way the way we all move in the world.


Climate Action Families provides a way for the entire family to work together, in community, to explore and become proficient in climate justice work.

Our vision is a healthy planet, with clean air, water, and food for all. We help each other develop our skills to make us better advocates, family members, and community members so we can achieve our vision, live the lives we desire, and ensure the skills are passed on to future generations.


Board of Directors

Sue Lenander



Val Mandell



Rusty West



Rich Voget




Grace Stahre

Program Director


Kristen Walsh

Youth Program Director


Megan Slade

Climate Kids Director



Plant-for-the-Planet Youth Leads


Emory Ranes

Co-President 2019


Theo Faloona

Co-President 2019



Climate Action Youth Leads


Zoe Schurman

Co-President 2019


Caroline Heege

Co-President 2019


Contact Us

Climate Action Families
PO Box 85821
Seattle, WA 98145

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