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Discover how Climate Action Families is facilitating climate action through our projects. From trainings to outreach to community organizing, each project contributes to the change we need to see. Join us in making a difference by exploring our projects and becoming a volunteer today. Together, we can create lasting positive impact for our planet. Ready to get involved? Visit our Get Involved page now!

Youth Climate Justice Trainings

Join Climate Action Families in nurturing a generation of informed, passionate, and healthy climate justice advocates. Our Climate Justice Ambassador trainings prioritize having a blast while saving the Earth! Adventure and experimentation drive our learning process as out team of mentors guide you on an exciting journey of learning and collaboration. We explore the incredible ways we can tackle climate change, including amplifying our voices, making sustainable choices, helping our community deploy new solutions, changing our laws and governance, and igniting enthusiasm in our communities to create a more vibrant world. 

Climate Justice Intro-Training

Saturday, May 18, 2024  – 9:30 am – 3:30 pm

UW Campus, 4101 15th Ave NE, Seattle

Calling young changemakers! Join us at Climate Action Families and become a Climate Justice Ambassador. Participants from grades 3rd to 8th dive into the essentials of effective advocacy for a just and sustainable future. 


  • Make new Climate Justice Friends
  • Discover Youth Activism
  • Contribute to Policy, Law, Mobilizing, Education, Solutions, & Healing
  • Create Powerful Art
  • Build Community Resilience
  • Find your Place in the Movement!

Following the training, Youth Ambassadors are equipped to embark on their activism journey, ready with practical tools, newfound connections, and various approaches to contribute to the movement. Snacks and lunch are provided. 


Our youth-led trainings are organized into themed blocks interspersed with movement, art, and play. Facilitators focus on the many ways to participate in the Climate Justice movement, the historical significance of youth activism, and the skills of visioning, communication, and resilience. In the morning, we invite adult caregivers to a 90-minute discussion about youth mental health and how CAF supports youth and family engagement.


Accessibility and Inclusion: Our priority is inclusivity, ensuring everyone interested can join us in this vital effort. This training is FREE, and the building is ADA-accessible.

Parent Climate Leadership Program

Ignite your potential as a parent in this tumultuous time and embrace the vital role you play in shaping a better future for our children. Join our transformative Parent Climate Leadership Program and embark on a journey of personal growth and profound impact.

In this program, we’ll delve into understanding and countering adultism, learning how to treat our children with equity and respect. We’ll equip you with the tools and insights to be a pillar of support and understanding for our youth who are grappling with the unfolding climate crisis and concerns about the future. Together, we’ll create an empowering environment where they can thrive and flourish.


Resilience is key in navigating the challenges ahead, and our program goes beyond mindfulness and emotional awareness. We’ll explore all aspects of resilience, preparing you to face uncertainties with confidence and optimism, while ensuring a safe and nurturing space for our children.


Open and honest communication is paramount, and we’ll guide you in effectively addressing our youth in a developmentally appropriate manner. Recognizing the unique world they are growing up in, we’ll foster deep connections and understanding.

As parents, our primary role is to uplift our children, setting examples of integrity, acceptance, inclusivity, love, and unwavering optimism. Together, we’ll create a supportive community where we learn from and support each other in these extraordinary times.


Our children’s future rests upon our shoulders, and the time to act is now. This program is about transforming into the parents our children need, equipped with the knowledge and skills to guide and inspire our youth. The journey starts here, and together we will shape a brighter tomorrow for all.

We are getting our fall schedule together. Please sign up and we will email and/or call you when our first courses are scheduled!

Healthy Homes for All Campaign

Climate Action Families is partnering with Families for Climate in Oregon and Families for a Livable Climate in Montana to engage in advocacy and training to accelerate the adoption of clean and healthy electric appliances and equitable distribution of Inflation Reduction Act incentives to people living in both rural and urban communities, and to renters as well as homeowners. We are focusing on campaign on:


  1. Developing and expanding use of tools and support systems that help families navigate electrifying their homes
  2. Building networks of local advocates equipped with tools and training to call for the electrification of schools and community centers
  3. Advancing state and local policies that support equitable implementation of the IRA incentives and Justice 40 initiative by broadly sharing potent climate stories through our storytelling and
    ambassador programs.
Electrify art

CAF Seattle

Climate Action Families Seattle is our first and home local group in the CAF network.

CAF Seattle is a community of families — parents/caregivers and youth — who meet regularly and engage in climate education and action together.

CAF Seattle organizes fun events like hikes and cultural activities monthly and once you’re a member you’ll be invite to join.  Becoming a member is free. Just fill out the form on this page to get started!

We do have some public events if you want to get to know us first before joining the group. Those are listed in the calendar.

caf seattle group photo

Join CAF Seattle

The first step to becoming a family engaged in CAF Seattle is to fill out an application form. Because we work with youth we need to be thorough in our data collection and onboarding into the organization.

Please fill out this form to  express interest in joining CAF. We’ll then reach out to you with the full application form (we’re still working on getting the full form online) and  encourage you to join an upcoming meeting or event.
Hope to see you soon!

Tell us about your family

Student Strike Support

Are you a high school joining the global climate strike movement? Do you need support organizing at your school? Have some questions about striking?


Reach out to us!

photo from strike

Climate Grief & Empowerment

So many of us long to take effective action on social injustice and the climate crisis but become paralyzed with fear and grief in the face of the vast scope of these challenges. In these extraordinary times of planetary crisis—amidst COVID-19, racial and social injustice, and the echoes of fascism reverberating strongly in the U.S.—many people feel overwhelmed with grief, fear, numbness, and more. Finding tools to face, feel, and transform can be relieving, empowering, and transformative. Coming together in community practice can offer strength and energy to make change and be truly present to our families, our communities, and our world.


Important Details

This group is offered on the 2nd Saturday of each month, 10am – 11:45am, for adults (18+). You are welcome to attend as many or as few offerings as you like. The group will meet virtually due to COVID-19.


This group is offered to the general public free of charge. For those with financial resources, donations are welcomed and used to assist us in compensating the facilitators for their time and energy.

Talk Climate

Talking about climate in our schools, homes, communities, and workplaces is one of the most important climate actions we can take.


The Talk Climate website is for everyone (young people, caregivers, and professionals) who wants to learn how to have productive, courageous, and empowering conversations about climate change. Talk Climate’s resources are age-appropriate, emotionally-responsive, and designed to empower people to build emotional and interpersonal capacity for facing the climate era.

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