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Cut Carbon with Rideshareonline

Rideshareonline matches riders with drivers to fill up carpools all over the area! It\’s simple, so easy to use, and free. Sign up for an account and see what I mean.

Starting in April 2013, Lincoln APP Elementary gets to test out a program called SchoolPool that allows our elementary parents to access a secure account just for our school. Soon we will be able to go online to find neighbors in other grade levels and classrooms who want to share rides to school every day or just for one special event. We can cut down on car trips across town, and get more exercise too because the site lets you choose whether you are driving or biking or walking! That\’s great for organizing bikepools and walking school-buses to make more human-powered trips around town safer and easier for our kids when they travel in groups.

Every school can sign up for the program, which is free!

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