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September 2013

Draw the Line – McKibben – Seattle

byJohn CrapperFollowforClimate Change SOS Two years ago, retired NASA climatologist James Hansen famously said that if we allowed the development of Keystone XL, it would be \”game over\” for the climate.  But today there were over 200 Draw the Line actions that took place across the country saying emphatically that that is not going to …

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Going Dry

A moving honest video report on the drought in Texas.  Fracking and water rights collide in a town going dry. I grew up in Texas oil country, and I know these good people never had a reason to question the oil and gas companies. Until now.

2 Academies in Seattle October 26th!

SIGN UP HERE! Plant For The Planet Academy, October 26th, 9am – 5:30pm Free for all students ages 8 – 14. 2 locations: Jane Addams School & MLK Elementary, Seattle WA Imagine planting a million trees, what you would feel like, how you would change the world…? Now get started! 160 students ages 8 – 14 from …

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Plant-For-The-Planet and Wangari Maathai are the stars of the blogathon this week at Daily KOS. The article gives you a good introduction to Plant-For-The-Planet, even though it focuses on my volunteer work getting the group started here in Seattle. Take a minute to read the article and spread the word to friends who might not have …

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Love Letters 4 Our Planet: empower the next generation

Give your kids a voice in their future now. Jill in Bellingham came up with this amazing campaign to win \”the most important election on earth.\” Our kids can write a letter that will physically change the course of our biosphere. [youtube=] Visit the facebook page: originally posted on One of the most common questions …

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5th Grade Promotion Address

As we start the school year, listen to the incredibly wise words of this graduating 5th grader speaking to his school in June 2013, a transcript sent to me from his teacher along with a simple note: I thought you might like to read Michael G\’s promotion address. Just in case we ever wonder about …

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