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Tar Sands Action Week



All across the nation this week, activists like you will stand up to the companies that profit from building the Keystone XL pipeline. Stay engaged and find a blockade action you can support! Every voice counts. Make yours loud and clear. Show up for an event this week!

Follow the link to Tar Sands Blockade where you will find the actions map. Learn how you can support local groups to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline during this national week of action. Dr. James Hansen states that if the pipeline is approved, it\’s \”game over\” for the climate. If we want to sustain life on earth, we cannot afford to burn the oil and gas we already drilled, much less if we speed up strip-mining this filthiest fuel, and build new infrastructure to burn more of it faster. Look at these photos of Alberta tar sands mining. This is the stuff we use to drive cars now? It\’s easy to imagine why this carbon-dense bitumen mining really will tip us over the edge, unless we do everything we can to stop it today!\"\"


\”Leave it in the ground!\”

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