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Grab your walking shoes! iMatter Saturday April 20th at 11am

\"iMatterPosterSmall\"Rally at Victor Steinbrueck Park by Pike Place Market for a pre-march event featuring youth speakers and music. We\’ll march the amazing new \”coal train\” and awesome Backbone polar bear \”Snowflake\” through the streets to the waterfront carrying signs and banners. When we cross the (coal) train tracks kids in animal masks will transform our coal train into a thing of beauty. We\’ll close our march with a traditional First Nations water blessing at the first crescent-shaped beach along the waterfront. The Earth Day for Kids Celebration at the Olympic Sculpture Park goes until 3:00 directly above the beach.

We\’re sending a message for climate justice! Young people need real, bold action now!

Come as you are! Or wear animal costumes if you like, bring a banner for climate justice, bring a drum for marching percussion, and bring a bit of water from near where you live for the water blessing ceremony.

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