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Seattle Channel: Plant-For-The-Planet (VIDEO)

Click to view City Stream: Plant For The Planet Academy a 5-minute video report on the first Academy in Seattle.

City Stream is a local news program on the Seattle Channel. The program broadcasts during the week at regular times. Check local listings. Writer and producer Feliks Banel came out to Golden Gardens and put together this wonderful piece to show people what goes on inside Plant-For-The Planet Academies.

Would you like to host an Academy for your town? It\’s an amazing way to change the world, rewriting our future, 80 students at a time. And it\’s a big commitment, but much easier than you think. I am putting together materials now based on the success we had in May to make it easier than ever to replicate where you live. A handful of dedicated volunteer/parents can organize a profound day of learning that can return a lifetime\’s worth of good.

Contact me below to find out more about how to host an Academy!

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