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Come out to the Totem Pole Journey in Seattle

This morning Friday August 29th at St Marks Cathedral in Seattle, Lummi Master Carver Jewell brings the totem pole journey to Seattle for blessing and inspiration. Drop everything and come share in the moment.

\"RSVPLast year, the Lummi Community made a historic trip to Otter Creek Valley Montana coal mines with a traditional, hand-carved totem pole. Local ranchers and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe together joined their journey across the West to raise the call to fight the coal trains.

This morning, August 29th, the Lummi Community brings Seattle a totem-pole journey called ‘Our Shared Responsibility – the Land, the Waters, the People’. In protest against dirty dangerous coal export and oil transport, Lummi carvers take the new totem pole from the Lummi ancestral home at Cherry Point, Washington to Alberta, Canada where the pole will be erected in the Tar Sands of the Athabasca River watershed with blessings of many tribes and people all along the way.

In the testimony of Master Carver Jewell James, the totem pole itself is not sacred—only when it is touched and shared by many communities standing together does the totem become a lasting part of our memories and a symbol of our resistance.
By taking part, you let the Lummi community know that we stand with them in the fight against fossil fuels,  and that we share the responsibility to protect the land, the waters, and the peoples of the Northwest.

Give the Totem Pole Journey stop in Seattle your blessing.

You\’re invited!
WHO: YOU, your friends and your family
WHAT: Come out and support the historic Totem Pole Journey in Seattle
WHEN: Friday, 29 August, 10:30 AM – 12:30PM
WHERE: St. Marks Cathedral on Capitol Hill, 1245 10th Avenue East (map)


Bless this new totem. Touch the totem to make it powerful as ancient tradition teaches. Take part in this beautiful act of defiance to protect the sacred. \”Grandma says, \’Warrior Up!\’\”


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