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From Seattle to Zambia

Our young friend Miku & her family recently moved from Seattle to Zambia. Miku and her mom took their commitment to ending the climate crisis with them. It turns out Climate Science is universal, like inspiration, action, and kids\’ enthusiasm. No time to waste, they started making a difference. Here\’s a note from Miku\’s mom,

\”Exciting news !!

We did first Plant-for-the-Planet ambassador training in Zambia 2 days ago.

And more exciting news is …….

Miku did all the facilitator at the academy. Yes she did \”Lead – moderator\”!!

Principal and teachers were sitting with children and listened Miku and helped other children when they need help. Miku was always in front and total 6 adults were always supporter.

When all the academy finished and kids enjoyed cupcake. Then I asked new ambassadors \”how was today?\”.

\”Miku taught me lots of things!! She taught me about climate change, she taught me about how important to plant trees, she taught me what a Plant for the planet, she taught me a lot!! I really really really really appreciated her\”.

I understood from this words that Miku was good impact for new ambassadors and these new ambassadors can think(imagine) about how they can motivate other people like Miku.

So children motivate other children at the academy would had lots of fun !!! Also one club will start next week at the International school.

This happened after Miku\’s presentation at the school. I was thinking how I can facilitate this club, but now I can think Miku will facilitate this club and adults will supervise all.

We are still connecting with you and receive lots of energy from your activities. Congratulation on the court case. Children\’s WON !

Thank you so much for your work to protect our children\’s future !!\”

And thank you Miku & family for inspiring the new Ambassadors for Climate Justice in Zambia!

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