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Inefficient electrical gadgets

For those of you reading this on any device that recharges.

In Olympia right now, a bill sits lonely and forlorn on the Capitol steps, singing, a bill that would make your device more efficient.

If only it could get out of committee. Poor little bill.

I bet a million iPhones that it only seems tiny, but it all adds up.

Here\’s the email that came out from the Environmental Priorities Coalition in Seattle:


\"TakeIt’s simple, saving energy and water is a good idea, but certain legislators aren’t convinced. We need your help to advance SHB 1017 – the equipment efficiency bill.

Please ask your Senator to support SHB 1017 and hold a hearing in their committee!  

This common sense bill would make the largest advance in cutting climate pollution this legislative session – but it’s stuck in a holding pattern. SHB 1017, Equipment Efficiency Standards, passed the House two weeks ago with bi-partisan support and now awaits action in the Senate. SHB 1017 is a key part of the Clean Energy Solutions Environmental Priority. There is essentially no opposition to the bill, yet the Senate committee won\’t schedule a hearing and time is running out!

This bill would save energy and water by simply:

  • Adopting battery charger efficiency standards already working in CA.
  • Requiring new showerheads, faucets and urinals and one type of outdoor light to be more efficient.
SHB 1017 is good for consumers, the environment and the economy. It cuts climate pollution while costing the state and consumers next to nothing. Governor Inslee and utilities support it because it saves energy and water and reduces utility bills for Washington homes and businesses. Don’t let this bill be delayed further – contact your Senator today!

Thanks for all you do,

SHB 1017 is part of the environmental community’s Clean Energy Solutions Environmental Priority, which also includes the Governor’s Climate Action Bill (SB 5802), and closing a $63 million tax loophole for Big Oil

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