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Seattle iMatter Now Earth Day March!

APRIL 2OTH, 2013, 11AM at Pike Place Market

More than a march for kids, Seattle iMatter Now March celebrates the launch of a local youth-led climate justice movement! Young people hold absolute moral authority on climate change, reminding grownups just how much we care. Come join other like-minded young people to create a network of environmental activists and be  the change we need in the world!

Seattle iMatter Now March

  • Gather at the Totem Pole just north of Pike Place Market in Victor Steinbrueck Park to meet friends,  hear youth speakers from Seattle and from First Nations rally us to reverse global warming, and begin our March for climate justice!
  • We\’ll march down to the waterfront where we\’ll take our human-powered \”coal train\” across the tracks and transform it into a beautiful work of art! Then on to Olympic Sculpture Park where we\’ll join the Earth Day for Kids celebration for food music activities and more speakers.

Want to be involved?  Here\’s how!

  1. Meet us at the Totem Pole at 11am, 4/20. Invite friends and get creative, make signs and wear something red or a costume that\’ll make a great statement against climate change. (salmon, orca, eagle, frog, creatures we endanger as we heat up the planet…)
  2. Speaking of art, everyone\’s invited to come Build ART for the March. Join us in Fremont at the Powerhouse (next to BF Day Elementary) on April 7th and 14th (Sundays) from 10am to 4pm.  Make fun skull masks out of milk cartons, salmon puppets to wave, and help build our \”Coal Train\” !! Thanks for all the amazing leaders from Backbone Campaign, Get Money Out of Politics, and the Fremont Solstice Parade for pulling this together and making the kids\’ march so Artful!
  3. Join an online network of like-minded youth:  Sign up with iMatter to become part of the national movement. And once the local website is up and running, sign up to become of the local movement.
  4. Also look for my Climate Change For Families slideshow events coming up this month. Come learn more about the climate crisis and how young people around the world are leading the revolution for a clean livable planet.
  5. VOLUNTEER! Leave a comment or question if you\’d like more information about how to get involved volunteering for the event. This is people-powered, so offer to help any way you like!

5 thoughts on “Seattle iMatter Now Earth Day March!”

    1. You bet! I’d love to have you come out for this, what a celebration! But, the carbon cost to Seattle from New York is too high.
      Get ready for the big international event coming up in September! We’ll get Seattle and NYC marching on the same day!

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