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2nd Art Workshop Sunday! for Earth Day March

We\’re gearing up for another wonderful art workshop on Sunday, April 14th, from 10-4 to get ready for our Earth Day iMatter Youth March the following weekend. Drop in any time, and stay as long as you\’re having fun! Your contribution will be instrumental, so we invite you to be as much a part of it as you can!

All ages of youth and adults who care about them are welcome! (Parents are needed to help your younger kids.) Younger people will be finishing the wonderful paper mache puppet masks, finishing the skull masks, attaching elastic to all the masks, painting the wheels, making small flags with kids drawings on fabric, and perhaps a small banner. Teens and tweens will also be drawing and painting the train car panels and frames. We\’ll have a second space up the street for some of the activities in the afternoon, and we\’ll expand outside if we have clear weather.

The following supplies are needed for the mask and flag making for Sunday. Please let us know if you have any to contribute:

  • yarn, rafia, trim, feathers, and ribbon (for the masks)
  • small bamboo or other stakes about 1\’ lengths (for flags)
  • small paint brushes, and brightly colored leftover latex paints (for train panel details)

MANY Thanks to all the families for coming out last week, and the fabulous artists who orchestrate the day! Wow!

Please RSVP and get directions at pre-march arts workshops so we can expect you, or drop in if you decide last minute!

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