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\”DO IT NOW!\” Flash Mob After Solstice Parade

[wpvideo GYmXzoeO]

This video opened the 2012 UN Climate talks. We\’re going to film our own version at the Solstice Parade in Seattle!

Celebrate World Environment Day today June 5th! This year\’s theme is Think.Eat.Save.  a global campaign aimed at reducing food waste and spoilage. Check out UNEP\’s WED website for all kinds of fun, educational, and inspiring news about celebrations around the world. DO something for the planet today and register your activity on the UNEP WED website.

And yet here in the USA, you probably haven\’t heard that this is happening today. Hmmm.

Ever wonder what it\’s like to belong in the world community and celebrate our planet together? Now\’s your chance to join a huge celebration: a giant flash mob at the end of the Fremont Solstice Parade in Seattle, June 22nd, singing & filming \”Do It Now\” with a thousand people: \”Do it Now!\” video Sing for the Climate Belgium After seeing that video, picture us all at Gas Works singing with Honk Fest bands being filmed from a hundred angles, then online posting for the world.

Kids (and their grownups) can join \”Procession For Our Future\” a parade ensemble that invites people in the crowd to stop a coal train and \”Trains-form\” it into a beautiful NW scene throughout the parade, featuring stilt-windmills, walking solar panels, animals, and a big Honk band playing and singing \”Do It Now\” for the transformation. Sound like fun?

The next Art Build is Monday June 10th 4pm-9pm at the Powerhouse on Fremont Ave. See the right-hand column \”Upcoming Events\” for other Solstice Parade Dates!

Back to WED: This week Portland, Oregon hosts North America\’s WED celebration as part of the Rose Festival! Family-friendly events include:

International Children\’s Painting Competition award ceremony at Portland State University Native American Community Center;
Rose Festival Parade-Portland\’s largest public event-is holding this year\’s event in honor of WED, including a float;
A rally in the RoZone of Tom McCall Waterfront Park with fun and educational activities for children of all ages free to the public. Activities include storytelling, mask-making, fly casting, fly tying, trash art and the chance to be part of the Procession of the Species, a mini-parade around the waterfront featuring folks dressed as their favorite animals, led by Joy Now performers and stilt-walkers. Plus rides on the Big Wheel will be FREE on World Environment Day!

Check out my link to \”Breakthrough\” a funny video on food waste. As a dad who eats all the leftovers in our house, I hunger for the flavor of their humor.

Visit for details.

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