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Walking 100 miles for Climate Justice

(from Valerie Serrels,

As we enter the thick of summer heat, youth, grandparents, parents, not-parents, teachers, and heads of organizations are setting their heels to dirt and pavement for the future of the youngest and future generations. Beginning July 19th, the Walk for Our Grandchildren will include walkers from all generations who will trek from Camp David to the White House, sending a strong statement:  it\’s time to move BEYOND fossil fuels. NO Keystone XL. NO fracking.


The idea was conceived by a group of concerned grandparents in North Carolina. iMatter, along with 350, CCAN, and other organizations have been supporting their efforts and a team of iMatter Youth Council members will be joining the walk to stand in solidarity with their elders to hold the President to his promise to protect future generations with strong climate policies!

If you live in the region, please consider joining us for any portion of the Walk and/or the Rally on July 27th.

Even if you don\’t live near DC, you can support the youth leaders with a generous donation of $20, $30, $100. These kids, and hundreds of others, are working tirelessly across the United States to awaken our society to the most urgent issue of their generation. Together, we will hold President Obama to his word, and work for climate action plans in our communities.

For the Now, For the Future,

Valerie Serrels, Associate Director, and iMatter Youth
(contact me to meet up with us:

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