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VIDEO: Children Speak Up For Their Future

Watch our Ambassadors introduce Seattle City Council\’s Energy & Environment Committee to Plant-For-The-Planet and get down to business. In their first public appearance, 8 Ambassadors share the famous slideshow, originally developed by Felix Finkbeiner, but with special information for Seattle City Council. And then they make some big requests!

They told the Committee how many trees Seattle residents need to plant by 2020 to help us buy time and absorb excess CO2 this century, (hint: it\’s a lot!) and some ideas for how to get started.

How did the Council respond? Well, find out in the 20-minute Q & A following the presentation!


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Children Speak Up For Their Future”

  1. Great preso by the Ambassors. Great ideas for improving the Seattle Area and the world. Good job, everyone!

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