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Green Seattle Day: Mother Nature Blows Away Expectations

One week after the October Academies, dozens of Ambassadors and families turned out for Seattle Parks\’ Green Seattle Day to plant trees and restore the urban forest. But a windstorm kept us from going into the woods. Only a few places were safe to plant in clearings and along roadways.

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So far you\’ve told me of 70+ trees that our ambassadors planted during the big storm last week. Congrats! on getting so many trees in the ground in a storm! One week later, ambassador Torin and friends planted another 25 trees.

Torin and company planted another 25 trees!
How can you make a difference? Planting trees, conserving energy, and speaking out for climate justice. By taking action together, our efforts multiply. For upcoming tree-planting and forest restoration events in the Seattle area, simply look on the calendar,

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