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New Interactive Map of Earth\’s Forests

New york Times Article, a great read.

A new interactive map of the Earth\’s forests allows an incredibly detailed view of the gains and losses observed during 12 years of satellite data. The world can now see where we have new planting and where we are cutting down forests in perfect detail down to 33 yards. Take a look. and bookmark the site.

It\’s beautiful and a great tool for research that will get updated each year, but what it shows us in glorious intervactive detail is not a \”pretty picture\” because of how we are accelerating loss of forests around the world, which still outpaces new growth, especially in poor countries in the tropics.

Plant-For-The-Planet ambassadors have our work cut out for us. And now for the first time ever we can see exactly where that work is most needed.

If you zoom way in, you can see your neighborhood and your favorite park . You can even see where you might want to plant a tree!

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