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Students On Track to Stop Global Warming

If you want to make a difference in the struggle to stop global warming, to what extraordinary lengths would you go? How about 7 days roundtrip on a train?

Beginning Thursday afternoon, March 26th, Port Townsend High School Students For Sustainability will ride the rails to Washington D.C. to lobby for climate action now! At each train stop along the way, they will accept petitions from local students to deliver to leaders in the nation\’s capital. Print out one of these petitions or write your own. Grab your friends and tell them all to sign on! 


\”Students for Sustainability\” a self-organizing student conservation group in Port Townsend, WA has earned awards for their effective efforts on campus and around the community in the last two years including recognition from the EPA. They also helped plant 3,500 trees.

Now the team will travel by mass transit all the way to Washington, D.C. To pay for this trip they raised thousands of dollars, so that student voices can make climate a priority in the \’other\’ Washington.

The students designed 2 simple petitions for you to print out, one petition for President Obama and one for Congress. You can gathering signatures from family and friends this week.

Speak out on the climate issues you care about most, whether that\’s pollution, clean air and water, renewable energy, new transportation, forestry and reforestation, ending coal exports; you name it literally, on your petition! The Students For Sustainability will carry your voice to Washington D.C.

SFS students ride the Empire Builder from Seattle, Thursday March 27th, departing 4:40pm. If you can\’t celebrate the start of their 3.5 day railroad journey in person with us, you can still scan your petition and email it to me beforehand. We\’ll print it for you and take it down to King Street Station. You can also sign the ONLINE petition at 

\"SFS\"Across the country students can Contact the SFS team before they reach your town to arrange for petition pickup at any train stops for the Empire Builder and Capitol Limited.

Like them on facebook,  donate money to help them pay for the trip, support these ambitious, courageous students and add your voices to the chorus calling for climate justice now!

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