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Watch Kelsey Rock Moyers & Company \’The Next Generation\’

She\’s suing our government for a habitable future, and inspiring us to be more awesome!

[vimeo 106420968 w=500 h=281]

Climate Change: The Next Generation from on Vimeo.

Bill Moyers meets 18-yr-old Kelsey Juliana from Eugene, OR, a lead plaintiff in Atmospheric Trust Litigation at age 15. She walks the talk. If you ever doubt whether one person can make a difference, just watch this inspiring young woman get real.

Last week 8 Seattle students asked a judge to Review a Rulemaking Petition to Washington Dept of Ecology for carbon emissions targets to protect future generations. Working with the legal team that crafted the Atmospheric Trust Litigation against the federal government and all 50 states. To learn more visit

While Kelsey is joining the People\’s Climate March in NYC, you can find your local action here at

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