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The Weather Forecast for 2050


On Sept 23rd, 2014 in New York City world leaders gather at the United Nations…

to discuss bold action at upcoming conferences which have thus far failed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions over two critical decades. Tell your leaders you want to restore our future climate so that our weather forecast looks more like the one we grew up with. Tell them, this is too urgent to waste any more time.

By 2070 we can restore a climate like the one we had in the 1980\’s, but only if we take unprecedented action starting today, as if our kids\’ lives depend on it. (They do.)

So how do we cool off the whole planet?

It will take most of a century and the things we do today count most of all. Every little bit of pollution we DON\’T EMIT, the energy we DON\’T USE, the trips we DON\’T DRIVE, makes life possible for more creatures in the future. When we conserve power, we conserve life. We can avoid the worst dangerous stuff if we do the math and stick to the plan:

Reduce carbon emissions 6% per year starting immediately – no waiting until 2020 to start – and reforest 100 GigaTons worth of carbon back into the soil. That\’s more than 1 trillion trees (see Plant-for-the-Planet). We will live virtually fossil-free lifestyles by 2050, average global temperature will peak about .5C higher than now, still dangerously warm, but the climate will stabilize near 2100. Sounds pretty cool, huh?

Most people don\’t know that there is a scientific plan to protect our children, so tell your friends! Trust me, this is GOOD NEWS for people on a subject that scares . Think about it. If you believed that the world was going to end and there was nothing to be done, wouldn\’t you like to know there is a way to change history?

We messed it up, and if we act fast enough, we can clean up our mess. Yes, there is a solution.

If we delay or don\’t take that path, the warming becomes self-reinforcing and future generations may never see a planet as lush, cool, and full of life as the one we know and love today.

Let\’s go.\”Stop Talking. Start Planting.\”

Read the research that mapped out our path to a healthy climate,

Join the People\’s Climate March in NYC in September.

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