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10,000 Tree Challenge

ed. — Earth Corps held the Fall Planting Challenge this year in Seattle. In 6 weeks, volunteers surpassed the 10,000 tree goal. Thanks to Clare for her guest blog describing the final event.

Hi, I\’m Clare. I planted the 11,000th tree for Earth Corps Fall Planting Challenge in Seattle. It was a really interesting experience because even though it was just another tree it was incredibly symbolic, it represented us reaching an incredible amount of trees. I dug the hole and the ground was really tough and everyone was taking pictures. We named it and it felt very communal. As I said before it was just a normal tree, but it was incredibly important. We need your help to plant all one trillion of these trees and replacing all the trees we have cut down in our lifetimes.


The reason we need 1,000 billion trees in the ground is because that\’s how many trees it\’s going to take to significantly offset the effects of global warming. That’s 150 trees per person on Earth. Also my classmate and friend Finn was with me and he helped dig the hole and plant the tree. I\’m really glad that he was there because he is also part Plant-for-the-Planet and is really dedicated-if new- to our cause. Finn and I are also really dedicated to Washington\’s Billion Tree campaign, which our Governor Jay Inslee likes so it possible for Washington state to plant 1 Billion trees. Which, if you’re wondering comes from one-hundred-fifty trees per person in Washington State.

We really need your help. Thank you and I hope you can help us.

PS: We named the tree Ferdinand Douglas, Ferdinand Doug for informal occasions.

ed. — Clare and her family plant trees every month in season. She\’s fast! While we planted 2 trees, they planted 6. She loves those trees and it shows! 

To plant 1,000 billion trees, all of us will plant every kind of tree everywhere all the time for the next decade. We\’ll become the new tree-planting species 2 ways:

  • Volunteer for tree-planting events near you. Find a forest restoration project led by awesome tree-people. Pulling out invasives and preparing the soil all year long for new trees takes many hands.
  • Donate online to groups like Plant-for-the-Planet and Earth Day Network where $1 or $1.25 plants a tree in the tropical countries where that $1 helps feed a family. It\’s not as much fun as getting your hands dirty in roots and soil and planting yourself, but adds up faster to 150 trees per person.

The next tree-planting extravaganza in Seattle is MLK weekend. Find out more

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