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\”State of the Planet 2015\”, According to Children


Tonight President Obama steps onto the world stage for the annual State of the Union, but on Saturday morning, Ambassadors for Climate Justice deliver \”State of the Planet 2015\” at Seattle City Hall.

How is Earth doing in 2015? Find out Saturday as Ambassadors, who range in age from 9 – 14, share the latest climate update and more. \”We don\’t have time to wait until we\’re grown up. We\’re announcing initiatives to end the climate crisis.\” says Ambassador Gabe, speaking on behalf of all kids who need grownups to help clean up. \”Give us a chance at a habitable world.\”

The children do their part planting trees, stopping pollution, inspiring others to take bold action. Come do yours!

You\’re invited to this fun, free community event.

Saturday 1/24, 11am-Noon

Seattle City Hall, Bertha Knight Landes Room

Councilmember Mike O\’Brien will be on hand as young Ambassadors update Washington\’s Billion Tree Challenge, plus their new initiative to put Climate \”Warming Labels\” on Seattle gas pump nozzles. Hear Aji & Adonis debut a new song live, and guest speaker Rob Shirkey, who originated the \’labels on gas pumps\’ idea in Canada.

If the children succeed, the City of Seattle will join Berkeley, which passed gas pump labels in November, and San Francisco, which has scheduled a hearing. Labeling gas pump nozzles “is just like labeling cigarettes,” according to 11-year-old Ambassador Stella, “but way better because gasoline poisons life all over the planet.\”

Washington\’s Billion Tree Challenge engages our state in doing our fair share toward the worldwide goal to plant 1 Trillion trees this decade. Over 34,000 Plant-for-the-Planet Ambassadors plant, speak and sing about climate justice worldwide. Volunteering with the United Nations, Ambassadors counted over 13 billion trees planted so far.

In December, Seattle Ambassadors appeared in a documentary \”Saving My Tomorrow\” on HBO as well as on KING5 “New Day”. They also introduced Governor Inslee at a lunch with Al Gore, and planted the 11,000th tree of the season in Seattle Parks.

Now let’s make 2015 count as the year we turn the tide on climate change. Pledge to make a difference this year. Share your commitment!

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