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State of the Planet 2015

We held a beautiful event at Seattle City Hall with Plant for the Planet climate ambassadors giving their State of the Planet 2015. The ambassadors were all outstanding speakers, and issued the \”Billion Tree Challenge\” for Washington state to battle climate change. Rob Shirkey from was there as well, and gave a short talk on his gas nozzle climate change warning labels idea. The finale included a surprise appearance by BIG GAS and a relay race against time to put warning stickers all over him, audience discussion to commit publicly to get \”BACK TO 350\”, then Aji & Adonis unveiled a new song \”Clean Up\”.

We had over 60 people there, including Seattle City Councilmember Mike O\’Brien, Executive Board Member KC Golden, and many others. KING 5 news filmed the entire event and interviewed students for a short piece on Saturday\’s evening news. Read the article appearing in The Stranger this week.

Thanks to all of you who helped the ambassadors make it happen, fun interactive art, snacks, press coverage, great photography, and of course, the parents who get their families downtown on a Saturday morning.

There\’s much more work to do to get these two initiatives passed, so let\’s keep this momentum going! It\’s time to promote the gas pump warning concept, to gather support from friends and neighbors. Ambassadors will reach out to the City Council, the legal dept, and the Mayor\’s office to learn how to shepherd an idea through government and pass a law.

You can be part of it! Students at Lincoln Elementary circulated a petition to collect 76 supporters before the City Hall event. Think of what you can do to make this big idea become real!

Go to for more information on gas pump warnings and how you can help.

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