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3 years ago today, we heard awesome young people speak across generations on Climate Recovery. Gabe defined the solution starting in 2013, 6% less pollution each year and massive reforestation.

Last week WA Ecology announced a Clean Air Rule to limit pollution roughly 1% – 1.7% each year that only covers 60% of our greenhouse gas and starts in 2020.

According to expert research in the kids\’ legal case against WA Ecology, we\’ll need 15% cuts if we start in 2020. Because leaders relied on markets and fracking to save us, this year our planet needs 8% cuts!

Or 9% in 2017…

Or if we don\’t achieve that, +10% in 2018…

After that climate recovery starts to become unworkable in any timeframe of interest to humans.

Everything we do today matters greatly to all living things on earth. We are the humans who \”decide what nature is and what it isn\’t.\”

Climate recovery for this generation is still mathematically possible only if we act today. Leaders don\’t know how to get 10% less pollution next year. Yet the world doesn\’t work for today\’s kids if we don\’t. So let\’s figure it out together.

Stop polluting. Demand our leaders,  candidates and businesses stop too. Make climate the number one priority. Ambassadors wrote letters asking polluters to begin now on a path to recovery. You can write letters too. Will you?

If we won\’t speak up for what we actually need, how can we ever get it?

Plus we must make these changes ourselves. Can you find 10% savings in your home this year?

The good news? Saving the planet together is FUN. We get all kinds of wonderful good healthy things in the bargain. No act of kindness for our planet today is wasted.

Greenhouse gasses build up. We make them.  We stop them. We can\’t give up. We can do it if we all act now. (We means you too.)

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