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Plant For The Planet children, supporters, and lawyer outside courthouse. Photo Credit: Sydney Brownstone

Kids make history today

Tuesday November 22, 2016 King County Superior Court, Seattle WA

3pm Press Conference

4pm Hearing Open to the public!

Come watch Judge Hill weigh in on how best to defend our children\’s air and water against climate change and from deliberate neglect by the state Dept of Ecology under Governor Inslee.

As of October, Washington now has a state Clean Air Act finished under order of Judge Hollis Hill, whose prior historic rulings — in favor of protecting children\’s essential resources against climate dangers — became landmark decisions celebrated around the world. In May, Judge Hill directed the state Dept of Ecology to finish the rule-making in 2016 because, \”These children cannot wait. Polar bears cannot wait. People in Bangladesh cannot wait. While I may not address the needs in those matters, I do have authority in this courtroom, and that is why I am taking this action today.\”

Ecology quickly finished a rule which gives away tons of pollution permits for free and requires the 19 worst polluters in the state to start reducing emissions 1.7% starting a few years from now or not, in other words, a rule which does nothing to address our emergency. \”ALL DONE!\” Ecology admits their plan falls short even for those 19 polluters to satisfy the old limits set way back in 2008. Meanwhile the planet cooks coral reefs, ice caps, forests, and species, all vanishing faster than predicted.

At Tuesday\’s \”Show Cause\” hearing Judge Hill will listen to the children\’s lawyer Andrea Rogers argue that the court must intervene because Ecology refuses to follow the judge\’s prior rulings to do our part to protect the air and water these children will need for a livable future.

The Dept of Ecology under climate champion Governor Jay Inslee has no plan. No secret Proposals. No clue how to protect our children\’s air and water. After 2 years of losing in court to the children they fight against, they still fight to protect corporate polluters. Under our Washington constitution, the state may not choose profits over the people.

Yet, sadly, to win \”contempt of court\” against a state agency is a very difficult legal standard to prove. How will the judge decide? Nobody knows. I hope we\’ll see you in court to find out.

REVIEW Q: Under Judge Hill\’s prior rulings, who reserves constitutional rights to air and water in the future?

A: It ain\’t polluters.

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