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CAF goes to Oregon

Climate Action Families Board Chair Grace Stahre joined our Oregon campaign partner, Families for Climate, in Oregon for their first statewide meeting of grassroots electrification groups, funded by our shared Pisces grant for our Healthy Homes for All Campaign.


We are working with Families for Climate (Oregon) and Families for a Livable Climate (Montana) to help build grassroots infrastructure support to help ensure that families are able to take advantage of Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) across the Pacific Northwest.


The meeting brought together people from Ashland, Corvallis, Eugene, Lake Oswego, Portland, Bend, and Seattle to share experiences and tools, build community, and imagine what would help their communities convert to electrical appliances and renewable energy efficiently and effectively. We strategized about what is needed to deploy home electrification solutions and wean homes off of fossil fuels at the speed and scale needed to prevent the worse effects of climate destabilization, and build resilience for what’s to come.


The inspiring meeting led to the formation of a new statewide non-profit – Electrify Oregon! Congratulations to Families for Climate and all of the partners that came together to make this magic moment come alive.


Would you like to be part of the Washington version of this? Do you know of people already work on this here? Please get in contact with us!

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