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Dr. Heather Price speaking at a climate strike, in front of a lake in Kirkland, WA in 2019. She's wearing a dress that has blue and white stripes at the top, and orange and red strips at the bottom, representing the change in climate over the last century.

Dr. Price

John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Podcast : #623 – How to Talk About the Climate Crisis With Kids

How do we deal with the doom and gloom of the climate crisis?

John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health featured climate scientist and CAF Board Member Dr. Heather Price on their podcast to discuss our learnings about how we talk to children at different developmental stages about the climate crisis, and the importance and benefits of engaging in group activities to address climate change.

CAF has taken these learnings into our pillars of work, our values, and trains volunteers, and each generation of youth about how we best support people of different ages when we talk about distressing topics. This work is incorporated into the CAF Talk Climate program resources available for free.

She also discusses the importance of exposing youth to adults who are taking action, and the emotional benefits to young people of knowing their parents are taking the climate crisis seriously and engaging.

Heather has been at the forefront of pushing for climate change curriculum in community colleges around the nation while also following her son’s lead on grassroots climate action as he initiated Fridays for Future strikes in Seattle, WA. Much appreciation to Heather and her family for being leaders and supporters of climate justice.


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