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Luma the cedar

Save LUMA!

On Tuesday CAF members Rick, Rusty, Dongmei, Gillian, and Heather joined over 300 activists and tribal elders at the Save Luma event. Rick played some songs to energize the crowd! Save Luma is a campaign to save a 150+ year-old, 80-foot tall western red cedar in north Seattle that was slated to be cut by the real estate developer, Legacy Capital. An activist is sitting in the tree now to stop it from being cut down.

The Snoqualmie Tribe opposes the cutting of Luma. They wrote in a letter to the City of Seattle:


First, and most pressingly, we demand the city permanently withdraw or cancel the development permit issued for the site that would allow this ‘exceptional’ CMT [culturally modified tree] to be felled as part of the proposed construction project by Legacy Capital. Second, we further demand consultation with the tribe related to this CMT and the development of comprehensive measures to protect other CMTs within the City at the highest levels of City government.

CMT’s are trees whose branches were shaped to mark camps by the indigneous peoples of this area.


There were plans to build housing on this lot without cutting Luma.

Please send a letter to Mayor Harrell and the Head of the SDCI urging them to Save Luma!

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