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Love Letters 4 Our Planet: empower the next generation

Give your kids a voice in their future now. Jill in Bellingham came up with this amazing campaign to win \”the most important election on earth.\”

Our kids can write a letter that will physically change the course of our biosphere.


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One of the most common questions people ask when I talk to them about climate change is: but what can I do about it? Here is a great way to get involved in a simple, painless, yet profound way. It will only take a few minutes of you and your child\’s time, a piece of paper, an envelope, and a postage stamp. All the details are below, and there is also a video to watch at the bottom.

WHO: Love Letters 4 Our Planet

WHATKids age 10-17 write letters to the incoming Western Washington University freshmen class urging them to be their voice in an upcoming local election for the Whatcom County Council. The Council has the power to issue or deny permits for a new coal export facility. This decision will have national and international implications and determine the future of American coal (and CO2 emissions exported to other countries due to the coal). WWU has 15,000 incoming freshman that are eligible to register to vote in that election.

WHEN: The deadline for writing letters is September 20th, this will allow Love Letters 4 Our Planet time to hand deliver them to WWU freshmen before the voter registration deadline.

WHY: Just north of the city of Bellingham in Whatcom County, Washington a proposed $600 million port, the Gateway Pacific Terminal, if constructed, would ship 48 million tons of coal annually from Wyoming and Montana to Asia—enough to power 15 to 20 new coal-fired power plants a year. The steep decline in coal use in the United States as power plants switch over to natural gas has the coal industry looking to export American coal to Asia as a way to keep the coal mines from going under. This is terminal news for carbon emissions and the climate.

The proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal must secure permits from the Whatcom County Council, which makes the upcoming election so important. For more on the subject click here and here.

HOW: Kids ages 10-17 can write a letter to a WWU freshman urging them to register to vote in the Whatcom County Council election.

Please include these three points:

  1. I care about stopping global warming because…
  2. Whatcom County Council gets to decide on the coal export project, which is one of the most important ways we can stop global warming.
  3. I\’m not old enough to vote, but this matters to my future, so please be my voice and register to vote at by October 7 so you can help stop the Coal Terminal.
Mail your child\’s letter by September 20th to:
Love Letters 4 Our Planet
PO Box 1091
Bellingham, WA 98227
OR bring your letters to the \”Draw the Line\” rally on the Seattle waterfront September 21st. And deliver it to the Plant-For-The-Planet workshop tent, where we\’ll collect them all together.


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