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Plant-For-The-Planet and Wangari Maathai are the stars of the blogathon this week at Daily KOS. The article gives you a good introduction to Plant-For-The-Planet, even though it focuses on my volunteer work getting the group started here in Seattle.

Take a minute to read the article and spread the word to friends who might not have heard of us, and who might want to get involved and volunteer to start a Plant-For-The-Planet Academy in their neighborhood. The goal is to see Plant-For-The-Planet changing the conversation across the country this year. Everyone who hears about this group is amazed and inspired, and often offer to help out. Who do you know who can help? Maybe someone who hasn\’t heard of the 1,000 Billion Tree Campaign?

If you\’d like to volunteer with Plant-For-The-Planet we have so many good things that need doing.

In Seattle we\’re holding a volunteer training on October 5th at Camp Long in preparation for our next Academies. To sign up or find out more leave a comment here!

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