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James Hansen Admires Ambassador Action


Ambassadors from Plant-For-The-Planet shared their plan to end the climate crisis with U.S. Senate staffers last week in downtown Seattle. They made very specific requests for the Senators to consider new language when they discuss climate change, drawing on Dr. James Hansen\’s research into how humans might make the world cooler near 2100, but only if we act now.

One week later the preeminent climate scientist and former head of NASA climate research blogged about their brave efforts: You can read Dr. Hansen\’s admiring words here: \”Children and Adults on Climate Policy: Evidence that They \’Get It\’\”

From his blog: \”The bravery and insight of people in Washington and Oregon, as they oppose fossil fuel interests that threaten the future of young people, is exceptional and encouraging.\”

The Ambassadors draw such inspiration from Dr. Hansen\’s important research on behalf of \”Young People, Future Generations, and Nature\”; and yet in this blog the roles reversed. Clearly James Hansen draws his inspiration from the next generation, the grandchildren he strives to protect. Now his life\’s work and climate science messages are starting to reach young people who \”Get It\”.

You can talk to your Senators, like the Ambassadors. Tell your congressperson to

  • Stop saying the words \”2°C Goal\” or \”Target\” in speeches.
  • Start telling Senators there is a real plan to keep global warming close to 1.2°C and to protect children
  • Write laws to reduce carbon pollution 6% per year and plant our share of 1,000 billion trees
  • Put a price on carbon pollution
  • Pledge \”No New Carbon Pollution\” to oppose dirty energy infrastructure, exploration, and exports
  • You need them to take bold action now on climate in order to protect children in the future.

As the founder of Plant-For-The-Planet, Felix Finkbeiner, says: \”For us children, whether the sea level will rise 1 meter or 6 meters is not an academic question, it\’s a question of survival.\”

Your Senators should know that from now on you depend on them to act courageously; we all do.

Let\’s act courageously.

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  1. The kids speak the truth. Thank you Michael Foster for facilitating, and thanks to James Hansen for recognizing them. We’ll all do better when we put into perspective the fact that the younger you are, the more impact Climate Crisis will have on your life. Our global society owes it to our youngsters, and to all future generations, to immediately & dramatically switch our culture & energy use method to a renewable / sustainable one.

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