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Seattle and Olympia Kick off the Season

On a planet of 7.2 billion people… Would you believe one young person can make a difference? Would you like to learn how?

Plant-for-the-Planet Academy arrives Saturday Oct 25th in Seattle at Magnuson Park. Click to sign up here

Felix Finkbeiner was 9 years old when he founded Plant-for-the-Planet in Germany after giving a slideshow on climate change in his 4th grade classroom. Inspired by Wangari Maathai, he ended by saying, \”I think we children can plant 1 million trees in each country of the world!\”

It pays to dream big. Today 30,000+ students worldwide help one another plant millions of trees and speak out against carbon pollution as Ambassadors for Climate Justice, the official tree-counters who were handed the United Nations\’ Billion Tree Campaign. They are powerful advocates.

Climate injustice means the world\’s poorest and youngest people suffer most from climate change. It\’s only fair that wealthier people who benefitted from burning fossil fuels now work to heal the planet and to help the world\’s poor who pollute less and are most vulnerable to dangerous impacts from changing climate. If we act quickly enough, we can be the generation to change climate change for good and write a new chapter in the history of life on planet earth.

Ambassadors for Climate Justice help inspire all of us to do more.\"IMG_20131102_120547_355\". To quote Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai, \”I will do the best I can\”!

Stephanie Bishop and South Sound GREEN held the first-ever Academy in Olympia on the 11th, attended by awesome students who didn\’t mind getting wet while we planted trees, and who did a fantastic job learning how to make a difference. They spoke eloquently to parents at the end of the day — very moving — and as ambassadors will carry their inspiration back to school. Some of them were already making plans to attend the Governor\’s hearing on Oil Transportation October 30th.

Rain brings Tree-planting season in the Pacific Northwest , when the cool rains moisten the soil after our long dry summers. Soggy winters give the newly transplanted tree roots mild wet conditions to settle in and grow up healthy. The sooner we get them in the ground the healthier our new trees will be when the ground starts to dry out next summer.

This is such a good time to plant trees, Green Seattle Partnership hosts \”Green Seattle Day\” on November 8th, a party in the parks to get thousands of volunteers out planting trees. If we plant now, they soak up all that wonderful winter wetness we\’re so famous for. Come join ambassadors in Seattle Parks on November 8th.

How can one plant a tree, without planting hope?

Join us October 25th at Magnuson Park for the Academy. Click to sign up here

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