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Collage from the action, including young people dressed as dolphins, a man with a giant cruise ship costume, and lots of signs about the harms caused by cruise ships.

Seas the Day: Seattle’s Youth Stand Up to Polluting Cruise Ships

Seas the Day: Seattle's Youth Stand Up to Polluting Cruise Ships

As the autumn leaves began to fall, young CAF activists took to the Seattle streets and port to send a strong message about the impact of cruising on their lives, and the ecosystems that sustain our west coast from Puget Sound to Alaska.


Seattle Cruise Control organized a peaceful march and die-in on October 21st to mark the end of this year’s cruise season, advocating for a reduction in cruise travel due to its detrimental effects on people and our planet. The message was clear: the current trajectory of the cruise industry is unsustainable and unjust.


Cruise ships, often pictured against the backdrop of stunning environments in advertisements, paint a misleading picture of the industry. The truth is that these floating giants contribute significantly to water and air pollution, endangering our health, threatening the climate, overwhelming port cities, and exploiting their workers.


Recent research has shed light on these issues, revealing the hidden costs of cruising. Onboard workers often face appalling conditions, while the waters along popular cruise routes become dumping grounds for waste. Airports at port cities are overwhelmed, and especially for Sea-Tac, anyone living within 10 miles is impacted by the pollution of so many tourists flying in, affecting BIPOC families the most. The contrast couldn’t be starker between the profits of cruise executives and the exploitation of people and planet that underpins their earnings.


Our young campaigners understand the urgency – the cruise industry is hurting people NOW, and destroying the climate for tomorrow.


This intergenerational group chanted through the city, delivering a clear call to action at the cruise ship pier. They lay down at the port while the list of harms from the cruise industry was read aloud, and they rose to the names of all of the port cities of the world that have fought back and are restricting or eliminating cruising and it’s pollution and damage from their ports, protecting their precious air and water and life.


It’s time to rethink our travel, transition to cleaner energy, and hold industries accountable for their health and environmental impact. This isn’t just a march; it’s a movement.


We invite you to join us in this critical struggle. By engaging our communities, putting in place regulations that restrict polluting industries, we can navigate towards a healthier world for all – above and below the waves.


Looking to make a difference? Cruise seasons starts again in April. Join us and help lead the charge towards a cleaner, more inclusive future.


And check out those who lead the way for this family-friendly event – Seattle Cruise Control 

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