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CAF Youth special guests at Pramila Jayapal’s Annual Luncheon

CAF youth were the special guests of Pramila Jayapal and local organizer Margo Polley at Jayapal’s annual luncheon on May 6th in Seattle. Before the main event, CAF members joined a small VIP meet and greet with Jayapal and keynote speaker Alexis McGill Johnson, CEO of Planned Parenthood National. CAF youth presented Jayapal with a piece of art created by Beija and Viv and signed by all members present. The gift was a token of gratitude for Jayapal’s unwavering support and national leadership on climate justice legislation.



Jayapal, with her deep roots in community activism, filled the speaker’s roster and the room with inspiring organizers from across Washington State. CAF youth proudly stood out as the youngest activists present, several with organizing experience on par with the adults in the room. Their presence underscored the growing influence of young voices in the climate justice movement, even if they weren’t the absolute youngest—thanks to one very charming baby in arms.


Jayapal has been a relentless advocate for national climate legislation and has secured substantial funding for climate infrastructure in Washington State. Recently, she celebrated the allocation of nearly $250,000 in IRA funds to help small businesses develop climate resilience technology, aiming to bolster the state’s sustainable maritime industry and economy by 2050.


Jayapal and her fellow Washington representatives also scored a bipartisan victory by allocating over $41 million in IRA funds to enhance electric vehicle charging infrastructure across western Washington. This funding will establish a shared charging hub for electric trucks serving the ports of Seattle and Tacoma, edging the state closer to a greener future.


The luncheon was a powerful reminder of the impact dedicated activists and supportive leaders like Jayapal can have on the climate justice movement.

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