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Climate Justice Intro Training, Spring 2024​

Climate Justice Intro Training, Spring 2024

CAF welcomed a new wave of climate advocates to our community in May. An energized group of youth aged 8-14 joined us for the day at the UW School of Social Work for the training reboot that reflects all the elements that have transformed the Climate Justice landscape in just the past few years.


The day was filled with activities, inspiring talks, and hands-on experiences, all meticulously designed to empower our youth participants. The curriculum was led by CAF Youth, including graduating seniors Zoe, Joey, Alex, and Hannah, along with Hiram (11th) and Allie (6th). Attendees’ active participation and unique perspectives were the heart of the event with the goal of making them feel valued and integral to the climate advocacy movement. 

This day was not just a learning experience for the attendees but also for our teams, who are focused on learning from the youth, understanding their knowledge, and their desired engagement in this present moment. We were incredibly excited to discover how many have been getting accurate, in-depth information and how energized they are in their focus to ACT NOW! This collective learning experience centers around how anyone can contribute their unique gifts and interests to the climate advocacy community. 


Our day began with a heartfelt welcome from Joey, a dedicated climate activist for over half his life. Joey reminded us of the significant impact young people can have when they unite for a common cause. Joey’s words set the stage, emphasizing the power of teamwork, effort, and kindness in driving climate action—as well as some laughs about how to yell at adults.

We broke the ice with activities designed to build connections and create a supportive atmosphere. Curriculum blocks oriented around CAF’s card decks developed to share the modes of climate action and the unique impact of each one.


The older group learned about the various theories of change CAF engages, and then they associated different action cards with those theories. The younger group played charades to familiarize themselves with the different types of climate advocacy available. Groups continued their learning with examples of youth-led and youth-supported climate movements, with a discussion about approaches so participants could understand the aims and styles of climate engagement.

We broke for lunch, with food donated by Mod Pizza and Tutta Bella and snacks donated by Trader Joe’s. We then grabbed our drums and headed to a green space to make some noise and stretch. 


In the afternoon, we focused on envisioning a sustainable future through art. We watched Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “A Message from the Future” and painted our dreams for a just and equitable world in 10-20 years. Some participants managed more than three canvases!

Afterward, groups created their own action plans and put the theories and visions into practice. Their contributions were invaluable, and they also had fun in our ‘photo booth,’ creating imagery to share. We concluded the day with a reflection session where students shared their insights, action plans, and artistic visions. We emphasized the importance of collective effort and the power of youth voices in the climate movement so participants could feel appreciated and recognized for their contributions. 


The enthusiasm and creativity were truly inspiring, and we are confident participants will carry these experiences forward in their climate justice journeys. 

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who attended, volunteered, and supported this event. Together, we are building a brighter, more sustainable future. If you missed this training, stay tuned for future events where you can join us in making a difference. We have many events throughout the summer, and our next training is in the works for fall.

Join us in the movement! Whether you’re new to climate activism or a seasoned advocate, our community has a place for you. We need more educators, event planners, musicians, artists, scientists, and those with the time and energy to help charge the engine of change. 

Let’s continue to learn, grow, and take action together!

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