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2 Academies in Seattle October 26th!


Plant For The Planet Academy, October 26th, 9am – 5:30pm

Free for all students ages 8 – 14.

2 locations: Jane Addams School & MLK Elementary, Seattle WA

Imagine planting a million trees, what you would feel like, how you would change the world…?

Now get started! 160 students ages 8 – 14 from area schools will train to serve our community as Climate Justice Ambassadors! Worldwide, over 19,000 students have attended this fun and educational Academy training to join forces worldwide as leaders of the Official Tree-Planting Campaign of the United Nations.

All participants receive:

  • free T-shirt, \”Plant For The Planet\”
  • free book, \”Tree By Tree\” by Felix and Friends
  • Lunch and snacks (Bring your own water bottle)
  • training in how to address an audience on climate change
  • an amazing climate slideshow
  • certificate of \”Climate Justice Ambassador\”
  • the chance to end the greatest challenge of our lifetime

The following weekend we celebrate in parks with hundreds of families to launch Green Seattle Day, the first day of tree-planting season in Seattle! Ambassadors can invite friends and families to come plant thousands of free trees sponsored by Seattle Parks!

At the Academy,  we play experiential games to understand how our world needs care, learn to plant a tree properly, get a photo with local leaders, and rehearse an amazing slideshow on Climate Justice. We conclude the Academy by presenting the slideshow to invited guests and take a graduation photo.

Students, age 8 – 14, who care about our future and want to start a \”tree-mendous\” transformation of our planet, please attend this one-day workshop on October 26th.

At 4pm, families and invited guests come see the student slideshow presentation at the conclusion of the Academy. Make plans to attend with the whole family to experience this powerful work from the world\’s newest Climate Justice Ambassadors!

Sign Up Now!

Thanks for support to the Seattle Parks Dept, and Coolmom for help making this a free event, open to all students!

To learn more, go to the \”About the Seattle Plant for the Planet Academy\” page. Questions? Contact us below in comments.

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