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Powering Up Our Home Electrification Campaign Under a Big Sky

Powering Up Our Home Electrification Campaign Under a Big Sky...

Our team just met up in Montana with our partners from Families for Climate in Oregon and Families for a Liveable Climate in Montana. Though we don’t live far apart, when it comes to making our homes energy-smart, each state is in quite a different place. We learn a lot from each other.

We’ve been diving into research from groups like the Yale Program on Climate Change Communications, and we’re figuring out the best ways to come to our communities with the information they need. This work is crucial because the way we power our homes has a huge effect on the planet and especially the health of young people.

There’s a new bit of legislation called the “Inflation Reduction Act.” It might not sound that interesting, but it’s actually a big opportunity. It helps people save money when they switch from gas to cleaner electric options in their homes. We need to let our  communities know about it quickly to slow global warming and make our communities more healthy,  comfortable, and safe.

Here are some of the biggest opportunities we are focusing on:

  • Replacing gas stoves: They pollute the air inside our homes, causing asthma and many other health problems.
  • Moving away from gas water heaters: They use a lot of energy and contribute a lot to climate change.
  • Embracing electric heat pumps: They can cool and heat homes efficiently.
  • Updating old appliances: Newer electric models can help save energy and are safer.

We know big changes like these don’t happen overnight. It’s going to take a lot of us working together, fast and smart, to make a difference. But by helping our community understand the benefits and make a plan, we’re taking steps toward a healthier planet and healthier homes.

Interested helping to drive this change? Let’s do this together—Join Us!

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