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2023 CAF Seattle Participants

Out of This World 2023 Court of Honor!

In February over 30 Climate Action Families members, from the youngest to the most experienced, gathered at the University Friends Seattle Quaker Meeting Center to embrace over much needed face-to-face (or mask-to-mask) conversations and connections. We began the meeting with a dinner from Frelard Tamales , then after a tech challenge that culminated in REMOVING THE LENS COVER, our youth advocates settled in for the slideshow and awards ceremony. 


Our emcee, Mona (9), welcomed the Galactic Ambassadors of Lumina, Pax and Vita, who came to honor our young people for their efforts to take care of our planet and other beings. Mona then took us on a journey through the galaxy, where our first stop was game time with Pax, then they rocketed us on a ride to visit the star accomplishments of CAF over the past year.

We got to remember –

  • visiting the preschool at the Valley School to 3rd grade at the McDonald International Schoo

  • marching to Amazon to Deliver Change which was featured across the news stations in Washington

  • Dancing at the Lake City Summer Festival

  • Saving Luma with the North Seattle community 

  • and much more!



Athena, Rusty, and Lara - 10 yr honoreesAfterwards we saluted our new and continuing climate astronauts and their incredible spirit throughout this past year. We honored Allie, Hiram and Ian for their 5 years of service. CAF members Athena and Lara were also honored for their decade of engagement in climate justice, as well as Rusty West for his dedication to the health and success of so many young people. Our honorees shared stories of their road to healthily integrating advocacy with their everyday lives and building the strength to speak in front of crowds about causes that are close to their hearts & communities. 


The celebration ended with “Be Like a Tree,” our CAF mantra, and group photos to archive the worlds that come together as we gather under the same roof! We cannot wait to continue to mobilize through projects and collaborations in our community that blast off initiatives as well as change in Seattle and beyond!



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