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Driving Change for Young People

Our collective endeavor to support and pass the Clean School Bus Bill (HB 1368) stands as a testament to the power of engaging young people legislative process. This journey was not just about passing a bill; it was about rallying together as a community, igniting the passion of our youth, and steering our state towards a healthier, cleaner future for all.

Our campaign was fueled by the relentless spirit of our young advocates who, alongside partners from Our ClimateClimate SolutionsWashington Conservation ActionSierra Club, and the Shift Zero coalition, met with key legislators such as Saldana and Senn during Youth Climate Lobby Day. Their determination was palpable, turning the wheels of change.

Picture of people walking on a rainy day to the capitol, with the capitol building in the background.
Walking from training center to state capitol buildings on Youth Climate Lobby Day in January 2024

The commitment of our community was evident through the 50+ sign-ins in support of the hearings, weekly social media blasts, and Elizah’s powerful live testimony. Our social feeds buzzed with posts from students, sharing their journey, their hopes, and their resolve. This digital drumbeat was crucial in spreading our message far and wide.


Behind the scenes in the fall, our CAF Seattle team delved deep into the intricacies of how bills are passed, using the school bus bill as a living, breathing example. As the session unfolded, our CAF Civic Action team – run by high school students and college students (including a CAF youth veteran) kept the larger team of youth and families apprised of opportunities to engage, trained high schoolers on how to canvas and spread the message of the necessity of paying attention to this major health win for kids.

Cardboard cutouts of 'clean' and 'dirty' buses.
Bus art made during our December 2023 monthly meeting to support the Clean Bus campaign.


Youth in Rep Tana Senn's meeting room with her staff.
Meeting with Rep Tana Senn’s staff.

CAF Seattle youth people created cardboard buses symbolizing the transition from dirty to clean that came to Olympia for the Youth Climate Lobby Day. They gave workshops to high schoolers at the YMCA Environmental Leadership Summit and sent heartfelt letters to lawmakers underscored our commitment to not just advocate for change but to embody it.



They’ve made  Thank You posters to the bill sponsor, Rep Tana Senn as a gesture of gratitude for holding strong on this powerful bill and her leadership for the good of young people. They will be delivered in person later in March.

The passage of HB 1368 marks a monumental victory for our environment, for the health of our children, and for the future of our state. This bill sets Washington on a course towards 100% clean school buses, ensuring a cleaner, quieter, and healthier ride to school for kids across the state. It’s a win for our climate, for young people’s lungs, and for their overall well-being, proving that when we come together, change is not just possible; it’s inevitable.

yellow office full of young people and a few adults with Rep Saldana in the middle.
Youth and supporters visiting Rep Saldana on Youth Climate Lobby Day.

This is just the beginning. The road ahead is long, but with continued advocacy, education, and community engagement, there’s no limit to what we can achieve. Together, we’ve turned the key in the ignition of change. Now, let’s keep driving forward, for our planet, for our health, and for the generations to come.

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