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Middle schooler working on applying dye to a batik banner for CAF.

Beauty and Art to Spread the Love


Portability and durability are common challenges in finding signs and banners for our work… But when we can do our work BEAUTIFULLY as well, that’s a big win. 


two images of the CAF logo - on laptop and projected onto a sheet
Projecting our logo onto the sheet.

CAF HQ and CAF Seattle frequently partner with 350Seattle’s Artful Activism team. Recently the team helped CAF create a new batik banner for the org. Volunteers from Artful helped to project the logo and lettering, and trace it. CAF members then outlined everything in wax with help from friends. 

two people holding up a colorful, translucent banner with the CAF logo and name
Our new batik banner in the sunshine.


Once it was ready, we filled in the spaces with colorful dye, keeping fingers crossed that it didn’t bleed! Even though this was our first attempt, we were THRILLED with the result.


And while we were there we got a very special delivery from our friend Chris Esponda with the Chiapas Education Project. We contributed used laptops and backpacks to their organization at our Court of Honor event in February. Young people from Chiapas had a banner for use made and they signed it. This was an unexpected gesture of sweetness. We cannot wait for our young people to begin establish more interconnection with the young people in Chiapas through the years.

So now we have two new beautiful banners, and a lot of love.


2 people holding up a vibrant banner of the CAF logo.
Chris (right) and Allie (left) holding up the banner made by children in Chiapas

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